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We know only too well the difficulties organizations may face in recruiting the best talent. We also know the growing importance of the Shared Service Centres/Business Process Outsourcing (SSC/BPO) model across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

That’s why we have a specialist Business Services division employing over 80 multi-lingual consultants across CEE offering tailored service designed to fill all your industry specific specialist roles. Whatever skills you need to bring into your organization, our sector insight can find you the right people with the right mix of language skills for all your positions, across all levels, from junior specialists to senior management positions.

We maintain and develop relationships with high calibre SSC/BPO professionals across Poland and managed to build a constantly growing database of active candidates. Our expert consultants are based in offices throughout the country, and are knowledgeable about their local employment markets and the talent currently available. This gives you the reassurance that the right relationships and processes are in place to quickly identify and secure the best people for your organisation.

Furthermore, we are well able to provide you with high end analysis and information about the HR market: in general, regionally and also taking under consideration the specialism of your organisation. Our Market Research division is responsible for gathering and interpreting data concerning new tendencies and trends that occur in the given area of interest. We conduct numerous studies, liaise with our internal experts as well as use outside statistical sources of information in order to give you a fresh perspective.

We kindly invite you to read our reports and articles available in the Sector Knowledge section of the webpage. If you wish to invest in Poland or another country in the region and require further information about the potential workforce in a given area or maybe the BPO/SSC sector as a whole do not hesitate to contact us!