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Poland has strengthened its position as a leading European destination for the modern business services sector. Read more in JLL’s and Hays 2021 report

Over the last fifteen years Poland has strengthened its position as a leading European destination for the modern business services sector. Thanks to an extensive talent pool of highly skilled employees, a favourable business environment and a developed infrastructure the country remains on top of international rankings for investment destinations.

The country is known to investors as a mature and diversified market, offering wide access to qualified employees who speak foreign languages. They are therefore increasingly interested in locating senior roles in Poland, which will also allow them to set up key decision-making centres in the country.

Poland provides a wide array of location choices thanks to a well-developed office space offering. Depending on the size and type of activities, investors may opt for established office markets or emerging locations. Established locations such as Kraków, Warsaw and Wrocław remain the sector’s engine for growth. Nevertheless, there is an increasing number of investors willing to explore the untapped potential of second-tier locations as smaller urban areas with good academic background offer competitive costs and reduced competition for skills.

Reshoring on the rise

Disruptions in global supply chains triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, have forced companies to rethink their outsourcing strategies. As a result, many corporates are actively looking to improve the resilience of their operations, which may result in a gradual reshoring of outsourcing services. While some firms will decide to reshore all operations to new geographies, others will set up new entities closer to home countries to reduce risk within their value chains. Poland may become one of the biggest beneficiaries of this change. Its central geographic location, stable IT infrastructure and extensive human capital will play a key role in attracting new investors, who are looking for stable locations that will enable the continuity of business-critical processes. What is more, potential investors may further profit from the latest changes in the state-aid support programme, including reduced entry thresholds, a simplified qualitative assessment of investment projects and a higher level of support in select locations, which make the Polish incentive system one of the most attractive in the region.

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