As a CRM expert, you understand what a customer really wants and use your expertise to increase digital engagement with your brand, driving loyalty, retention and results.

With more CRM innovations and data available at your fingertips than ever before, it’s a great time to capitalise on the demand for your skills and get ahead in your career.

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Your CRM questions, answered

What’s new in CRM in 2021?

It’s certainly a busy time in the world of CRM, with the Covid-19 pandemic a big driver for lots of the change. The rise in mobile CRM, with the addition of more mobile-compatible CRM features has allowed stakeholders access to CRM resources wherever they are based.
AI integration with CRM systems also continues at pace, giving businesses valuable insights into the real-time behaviour of their consumers. Examples include chatbots, Natural Language Processing and Salesforce Einstein.
Further integration of CRM systems with social media platforms are also enhancing the customer experience and allowing businesses to build stronger relationships with consumers online.

What technical skills do employers want from CRM professionals?

Employers are looking for professionals with experience in newer tech such as predictive analytics and robotic process automation. In particular, integrating AI capabilities into CRM systems is ramping up across the board, meaning lots of opportunities for those familiar with automation, conversational tools like chatbots and predictive analytics.
Finally, expertise in cloud implementations is also in high demand across all sizes of organisations.

What skills are employers looking for within CRM?

Working in a CRM role means you’re going to be talking to lots of business stakeholders, some of whom will have a deep understanding of the CRM system you’re using, and others who won’t.
This means you’ll need strong communication and stakeholder management skills, particularly the ability to translate the data provided by the CRM system into something meaningful and engaging for a non-technical audience.
This also includes the ability to persuade internal stakeholders to invest further in CRM-tech, including those newer technologies, such as AI capabilities, predictive analytics and robotic process automation.

Should I look for a permanent or contract CRM job?

There’s lots to consider before deciding on a perm or contract role. CRM contract roles may allow you to work on improving engagement and conversion across a variety of industries and organisation types, keeping your skills up-to-date and gaining a range of invaluable experience.
On the other hand, a permanent role will allow you to make a long-term impact within an organisation by working on a variety of campaigns and fine-tuning how best CRM can support and enhance their business.
You’ll also have the stability and benefits that come with a permanent job – often including training and development opportunities to fine-tune your skills further. Whichever you choose, there are plenty of jobs available and we can help you find them.